Start of the Rainbow

Emma in Rainbows regaliaYesterday saw Emma in her new Rainbows uniform for the first time. She’d been to a trial session last year and wouldn’t stop talking about it when she got back. She doesn’t start in earnest until this coming week but she had an invite to their annual ‘fun day’ in Eastleigh. Christine went along as well as she has been roped in to helping on a regular basis. Emma certainly had fun as it sounded like one big party. There was even a bag of goodies to bring home at the end! I’m not so sure about Christine’s feeling on spending the day with 300 six year old girls!

And, in case anyone asks: why Rainbows not Beavers? Well, partly because Christine thinks the boys should be allowed to play on their own once in a while, but mainly because we were far too late in enquiring about Beavers! Duncan is now on the waiting list…

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