Gutter in full flow

We had a busy weekend just gone. On Saturday, Christine was at a first aid course and I amused the children by taking them in to the Science Day at the University. Duncan was a bit bemused by it all but Emma got in to the swing of things. Those manning the stands were very good at talking to her rather than me although that sometimes meant the science got a bit lost. Indeed, afterwards, Emma claimed that she hadn’t learnt anything! Whatever the truth, she did get a good haul of freebies.

On Sunday, we went to the SOC event at a very damp Kings Garn Gutter in the pouring rain. I had first run. I had a relatively clean run, only missing number 16 which, as you can see from Route Gadget, I think was in the wrong place. The fact that the controller spent 15 minutes checking it was in the right place just makes me all the more doubtful. More of a problem was obviously my speed as, when the results came out, I was over 10 minutes down on the youngsters.

Emma was delighted with finally getting to an event with a string course. She went round three times including twice on her own. Duncan wasn’t in such a good mood as all the large puddles meant that he repeatedly got wet socks!

The event also saw a presentation to club stalwart Jean Velecky on occasion of her reaching W90. There are a few photos here.

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