Hoggs at Hursley

Duncan, Katy, Emma and Ella at Farley Mount

Duncan, Katy, Emma and Ella at Farley Mount

Last week we had the pleasure of another weekend in the company of Andy, Nat and family. We met up at the SOC Summer Series event at Hursley. Nat had first run whilst Andy took the girls round the yellow and I went with Duncan. At least that was the plan. Duncan was quite upset to be going round ‘on his own’ and did his level best to keep up with the others, until they ran in with Nat at the end.

Andy and I then battled it out on the Light Green where I made the most of the home advantage. I don’t run round the site very much and it reminded me how lucky I am to work at such a beautiful location and how I really should make more of it (more play, less work!). Christine joined us after her University open day and we lazed around in the sunshine before relocating to the back garden and the paddling pool.

On the Sunday, Andy and I ran up to Farley Mount where we met up with the others, playing in the woods. The combination of the heat and an abortive attempt at all sleeping in the same room meant that the children’s tempers were a little short but everyone still looked to be having fun. We waved them on their way to Exeter, not knowing when we’ll see them again. Such a shame that there are usually 10,000 miles separating us!

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