Sizzling end to Summer Series

Duncan punching at RVCPIt was the last event of SOC’s Summer Series today, taking place at Royal Victoria Country Park. The temperature was still soaring but there was a pleasant breeze today, amplified by the proximity to the water. Duncan running at RVCP Christine went out first and I went round the yellow with the children which was mercifully short and I managed to get Emma and Duncan round without any bribery! At one point we dispatched Emma round one route whilst Duncan and I went the other. Needless to say, when we reached the control, there was no Emma. She’d found yet another of the many paths that don’t appear on the map and, after calling to her, she reappeared rather tearful. We quickly agreed to stay together for the rest of the course, arriving back at the finish at the same time as Christine.

Finishing at RVCP I didn’t have a great run, starting with a poor route to the first control. I’ve had a lingering headache for the past couple of days but thankfully it actually seems to feel better after running. I certainly felt better than the guy I came across lying on the ground groaning. He claimed to be okay but, as I took the wrong road at the next junction, I happened to pass by registration and dispatched someone in his direction. At one point, I nearly repeated an error from a previous event here: running off the map. I just stayed on but did spend a while wading around in a marsh that I needn’t have done! I just about managed to top the results but less than a minute ahead of Christine.

Duncan with medalDuncan playing crazy golf There was a club BBQ afterwards along with the prize giving for the summer series. Despite not having done the requisite five out of eight events the children received certificates and medals which was a nice touch. Kevin seemed keen that no-one should go home empty handed and Christine and I were also awarded medals for some reasons made up on the spur of the moment which I now forget! We then made the most of the venue, doing a tour of the crazy golf (more like hockey when Emma and Duncan are playing), beach and ice cream van. Perhaps not unsurprising that Duncan was asleep before we got home.

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