Furzey Fairies

Fairy Door, FurzeyI’ve been past it numerous times when running from Rufus Stone, including last Tuesday, but I’ve never been in to Furzey Gardens. It’s probably not the best time of year to visit plant wise but that’s not the main reason for visiting. Interest peeked by the two at the Royal Oak, Fritham, we went in search of fairy doors! I thought we were going to get round in no time at all given the small size of the site but we managed to occupy ourselves for nearly three hours (just as well given the £18 it cost us to get in). There are supposedly around 40 doors to be found. We weren’t counting but I don’t think we were anywhere near discovering them all. It was amazing how much delight both Emma and Duncan had in finding each tiny door and they also approved of the tree houses and boat in the play area. I don’t think we’ll be regular visitors but it was a fun way to spend a morning.

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