Tree Fu Four

Duncan's Fourth BirthdayDuncan turned four this week and boy did he get to celebrate it: nursery, home, playgroup and then a party today! With Tree Fu Tom as the theme, inspiration was lacking when it came to cake decorating and we decided to just order a cake topper. Unfortunately when it arrived, they appeared to have inserted “6th” in-between “Happy” and “Birthday”! They agreed to send another and so I get to test out the faulty one on the cake that we had at home on his birthday. Barring the white space that you can see in the photo, it looked pretty good. Sadly, when it came to the cake for his party, the topper was a little more stubborn in leaving it’s backing paper and needed piecing back together again. I suspect we managed to whisk it away to be cut up before anyone really noticed!

The party seemed to go well enough otherwise. I think we were all glad that we only had 10 children in the end (plus parents) and it remains to be seen whether we have any more parties at home! Duncan (and Emma) seemed pleased with the selection of presents and, in particular, the Hex Bugs that we bought appear to have been a hit. Duncan hasn’t yet mentioned the lack of a gun that he coyly asked his granny for. Hopefully that was just a passing phase! Now we can relax for 7 months until the next party!

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