Hampton Ridge and Hursley

Last night the orienteering club had a BBQ over at Hugh Risebrow’s beautifully situated place on the edge of the Hampton Ridge map. There was a 60 minute score event which had the added complication that the Forestry Commission permit required that we stay on the paths. I managed to visit all the controls in 56 mins but took the FC ruling to apply to all paths on the ground, not necessarily just those on the map! In addition to the BBQ, I also managed a game of croquet.

Christine at HursleyToday it was the last Summer Series event. As it was on home turf at Hursley, I’d been helping with permissions, map corrections, and the first time planner. It was a damp start to the day as we hung controls and there was a minor panic when I realised I was 5 stakes and a kite short. Thankfully the stakes were liberated from road signs and the start managed without a kite. I did then proceed to hang one of the yellow controls in the wrong place as I wasn’t looking at the map!

By first start everything was in place though and the sun also saw fit to shine. I had a quick run (strictly non-competitive this time) before heading back to pick up the rest of the family. Christine secured her second place in the Summer Series handicap whilst I took the children round the yellow course for their first win of the season. They then enjoyed thrashing the nettles with big sticks with the other youngsters!

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