Museums & Shoes

Great Hall, WinchesterI was on child minding duty again on Friday and there was much debate on what we should do. Emma was insisting on Manor Farm and Duncan wanted to go to Winchester, probably just to be contrary as he couldn’t say what he actually wanted to do there! Emma was brought round to Winchester when she realised that it could involve a trip to a shoe shop!

We parked at the top of town and went up Westgate before heading over to the Great Hall. Emma then seemed keen on following the sign to the military museums. We went in search of the visitor’s centre to get some guidance on which of the five museums we should go to but the content of the visitor’s centre itself seemed sufficient to satisfy Emma. We sat and had our lunch amidst the (converted) barracks which is a lovely peaceful spot away from the crush of the High Street. It was also a good excuse to check out this area before November’s Urban Event!

It was then time to hit the shoe shops. Mercifully Clarks offered up school shoes for them both without too much pain but Emma is also angling for some late summer sandals which we failed to find. We then went to the Winchester City Museum which I’ve passed on numberous occasions but I don’t think I’ve ever been in before. Sadly I didn’t get to take much in as we had to race round looking for the faces on our clipboard as part of the children’s trail before dashing back before our parking expired.

Duncan must have found the whole experience pretty tiring as he then dropped off to sleep on the way to his swimming lesson (and was therefore particularly recalcitrant when trying to get him ready). Roll on the weekend and shared parenting duties!

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