Docker London

Anyone following the WASdev site may have noticed that I’ve been doing some work with WebSphere Liberty and Docker recently. I was therefore pleased to have successfully made it off the wait list in time to travel up to Docker London for my first meetup of the year on Tuesday evening.

The meeting was compèred by Ben Firshman from Docker and, after a mad scramble for the limited amount of pizza on offer for 200 people, the evening began with a short intro to SoftLayer who were sponsoring the venue. Andrew Martin from British Gas was the first of the main sessions, talking about Building and Testing Docker Containers as practised on their ‘connected boilers’ project. I’d seen Andrew speak at Container Camp at the same venue last year so I was glad that he’d included some new material, even if he did then have to race through it a bit. He’d probably have been fine just to cover building or testing rather than both.

Next up was Johan Euphrosine (aka proppy) from Google who demoed a few different ways to deploy Docker containers on Google Compute Engine. Hopefully there’ll be a recording of the event as, whether it was the strong French accent, or too much beer and not enough food, it was sometimes hard to keep up.

Last up was Dan Williams who provided an entertaining and enlightening presentation on what containers are really all about. It was just a shame that, in staying for his talk, we missed the last train before the Basingstoke-Winchester engineering works began and then a freight train broke down at Eastleigh. Suffice is to say that, despite a good evening, I would have preferred to get to bed slightly earlier than 1am!

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