Wessex comes to Romsey

Due to a change in venue, the Wessex Night League came to Romsey this week for an hour’s street-O. I didn’t have the best run. My first mistake was only taking a small Petzl. I should know better from previous events that Romsey has its fair share of dark alleyways, open areas and even some small patches of woodland. Starting out around the city centre I was also quite embarrased how poorly I know Romsey. I don’t think I’ve ever been in Memorial Park before for example.

I then wound my way out in to surrounding residential areas and managed to get myself hopelessly lost in an area where it’s impossible to tell which road is the main thoroughfare and which is yet another dead end. At this point I concluded that I wasn’t going to get all of the controls which was a mistake as, with about 15 mins to go, I realised that actually it probably was still possible. I then promptly ran in to a stream (not literally thankfully) and had to detour significantly to get across. I was doing something like 3.5 min/km by the end and managed to scrape in with just 16 seconds to spare.

The official results aren’t out yet due to a failed control but it looks like Tim Morgan made it round in a mere 10 mins less than me! Still, it got me out of the house and despite my cough/cold, I didn’t feel too bad afterwards.

20150115 Romsey Street-O

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