Emma at Eight

Emma's 8th Birthday CakeI’ve been more than a little remiss in my blogging recently (nearly 5 months since the last post) but I couldn’t let Emma’s birthday pass without a mention and perhaps that will be the trigger for me to start posting again. Emma’s birthday fell in half term this year and both Christine and I took the day off with the intention of making a day of it but, having been away camping in Dorset for the weekend, both children seemed to keen to make the most of a day at home.

Emma opening presentsEmma was expecting to spend the day playing with all her new toys and, I suspect, was slightly disappointed that she didn’t actually get┬álots of new toys to play with! Her main present was an iPod Nano which, I shall be the first to admit, I won in a raffle at a recent conference. I did have to buy her some speakers later in the day though for fear of never being heard by my daughter again (although she’s quite capable of not hearing you even without headphones in!). Her party (joint with a friend) is still to come and I’m sure that will even the score.

And what is momentous about being 8? According to Emma, the fact that she can no longer go in men’s toilets! This fact is based on a sign in the local swimming pool but Emma has applied it more generally. I suspect more significant is the fact that Emma can be let loose in the pool on her own.

I can no longer remember life without children but somehow it also seems that Emma has grown up very quickly. Still hard to believe though that in another eight years she’ll be able to leave home and get married!

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