Double the fun

Emma's CakeRhianna's CakeThe wait was finally over and at the weekend Emma could finally enjoy her joint birthday party with her friend Rhianna. After lots of initial debate about venue it ended up being at our house and, with a few drop-outs, it wasn’t too much of a squeeze. There was a craft theme and the combination of party bag decorating, decopatch (yes – now I know what decopatch is!) and bracelet making more than filled the time available to the extent that we had to text parents to tell them they could pick-up late. The party food pretty much all disappeared (perhaps because it was chosen by the girls themselves during one of their party planning sessions at school) and thankfully didn’t cause any allergic reactions (EpiPen was at the ready). The only downside of all this is that Duncan is still keen on having his birthday at home and 5/6 year old boys are a different proposition!

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