Emma @ 11

Emma’s party came first this year and she’d elected for a trip to the ice rink at Basingstoke with friends. We’d checked out the rink last month which was my first time skating. I managed to stay upright, unlike Duncan who was in need of an ice pack having fallen on his face just before we were about to leave. This time we left the children in the hands of the party host and, for the first half an hour, a coach, who was very good with the children. If the rink were a little closer I’m sure Emma would like to go more often.

A smaller group of friends stayed for a sleepover although, as I believe is traditional, there was a limited amount of sleeping going on. I was apparently fast asleep before the last of the chattering ceased!

For the big day itself, Duncan had disappeared off to Cub camp leaving Emma with two parents to pamper her. One of her presents was a pair of climbing shoes which necessitated a trip to the shops. After lunch in Romsey, she and Christine then tested out the shoes, along with a new harness she’d also received. In another significant milestone towards teenage-hood and secondary school, Emma has inherited one of my old mobile phones (I have replaced the screen since it was driven over by a car!). She’s only showing mild signs of addiction so far!

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