Two’s Company

There was chaos on the M27 Eastbound yesterday evening and as a result routes in to Southampton were also snarled up. Unfortunately, the only other person who knew that I was intending to run was held up in the same traffic. Arriving 10 minutes late the group had already departed but thankfully I spotted Sam as I was driving in and we went for a run together. We mostly did the Itchen Bridge route although, making the most of there being just two of us, we came back via the stadium rather than the usual route up the avenue so that Sam could cut-off home.

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20091110 Itchen Bridge GPX

4 Responses to “Two’s Company”

  1. Neil says:

    had you chosen Chalk Hill you probably would have caught us up. Certainly the traffic was extremely bad and according to one report
    there were 3 seperate accidents on the M27 including one woman who
    fell off a bridge onto the motorway.

    So is your revised itchen bridge run better than the original?


    • Dave says:

      Better for Sam at least but probably not so nice as the parks/Avenue. Chalk Hill was my other guess as to where you might have gone. Just hope you’re not planning on Itchen Bridge next week…

  2. Neil says:

    surely Itchen Bridge will depend on the weather as usual. The worse it is
    the more likely we are to do it.


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