Black Water white water

Black Water string course

On Sunday we went to the Wessex event at Black Water near Burley (not in Dorset, despite the name of the event: Dorset Delight). Although Thursday night’s snow had disappeared from around our house, it was still very much in evidence in the forest. We were therefore grateful to Christine’s Mum for taking the children round the string course and saving us all from a prolonged day of split starts in the cold. It was a lovely bit of runnable forest and I enjoyed my run in the crisp snow and ice. The mapping and planning left a little to be desired (the former perhaps suffering from a summer revision and the latter from the former) as did my navigation. My meanderings through the forest can be seen on RouteGadget which explain why I ended up nearly six minutes down on the winner. Although my calf was a bit sore, my ankle stood up to the test so time to enter some more events…

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