Burley West Long-O

Took part in the Wimborne Long-O in the New Forest today. At the start the sun was shining but there was a chill breeze blowing across the open moor. The navigation wasn’t particularly technical and the only major mistake I made was at the third control. I’d just spotted Christine and must have run straight past the control in my haste to catch her up. Took me a while to figure out that I had gone too far down the hill.

By the time I reached the drinks point half way round I was starting to tire and was glad to have brought a supply of energy gel and jelly babies. Picking up my knees to get through the heather was becoming increasingly hard and I was grateful when the course turned back through the woods.

I started to pick the pace up again for the last few controls to ensure that I made it back in under 2.5 hours. The final results show that this was just as well as it was only in the last three controls that I overtook Dale Paget to finish first in 2:23:50. Not bad for 23.4km.

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