French ports of call

76We stopped off in La Rochelle last night, partly because it is nicely en-route from Bordeaux to St Malo and partly because, having been the subject of our French text books (not to mention the home of my French teacher) it was somewhere we felt we had to see. We didn’t have long to look round but the area around the Vieux Port is certainly very picturesque – whether it would remain so in the height of the tourist season is another question. If nothing else though, the locals were happy to let Christine try out her French on them without immediately resorting to English.

73Today we drove on to St Malo and had an hour to kill before the ferry departed for Weymouth. This was just enough time to stroll briskly around the city walls. Certainly looks like somewhere you could waste a perfectly pleasant weekend in the maze of tiny streets and on the wide sandy beaches. As an added bonus (although perhaps not in terms of the time taken) the ferry called in at the Channel Islands on the way back so I can also cross Jersey and Guernsey off the list of place I have seen even if not exactly visited!

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