RR10 season starts

The RR10 season kicked off again tonight with the first race being held at Royal Victoria Country Park as has become traditional. This is usually a good race to get a high position: one of the larger clubs is organising, the London Marathon has just happened or, as this year, is about to happen, people are still on Easter hols and other just haven’t realised that it’s that time of year again already. I was still, however, slightly unnerved not to recognise anyone at the front of the line-up.

This is always the point in the year where I realise that you are meant to run fast in races and that this hurts. My legs were certainly tired from the weekend’s antics and it took me 27:41 to complete the two-lap, 4.8 mile, course. If Stubbington Green hadn’t joined the fray this year I would have managed a top-ten place but, as it was, I had to settle for 11th in the results.

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