Ant attack

Returned home from running last night to discover that the kitchen had been overrun with ants. Not content with undermining the lawn and patio these pesky little insects insist on regular raiding the kitchen. This invasion was more enthusiastic than most with hoards of the beasts having reached as far as the overhead cupboards. Not content to wait for the ant poison to do its stuff, I set about sucking them up with the vacuum which, if not productive in the long run, is certainly more satisfying. The question that this always leaves me with is: do the ants survive the journey to the hoover bag and, perhaps more importantly, if so, are they capable of finding their way back out?!

One Response to “Ant attack”

  1. beeba says:

    you should spray in some bug spray into the vacuum cleaner; that way even if they do survive, they’re a most unfriendly environment.