WOC middle distance qualification

The results for the middle distance qualification show that all the Brits made it through safely to the final.

In the important competition of the day, my team scraped in to the top 100 (there are now nearly 500 entered). Christine’s team faired less well as, having left before the start list went up, she failed to see the page of team declarations and hence had selected some runners who then didn’t compete. Niggli-Luder was also a bad buy for her as, in a qualifier, you don’t need to be top dog to win maximum points.

Best tactic so far seems to be to max out on four good runners to bring in the winnings and then scrape the barrel for your last three selections. We’ve also been careful to select most of our long distance qualification runners from those who didn’t compete today on the basis that their price hasn’t increased yet. Unfortunately, having discussed tactics, we’ve ended up with very similar teams but at least I have a head start!

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