WOC long distance qualification controversy

Controversy reigns in the long distance qualifiers as Oli Johnson is the only Brit not to qualifier having been disqualified for missing a control. Sadly, although Oli’s card shows that he visited a control, it does not show which one and, as the rules currently stand, it is not possible to check the control units to determine whether it was in fact the right one.

Over in the virtual world, the technology was also letting everyone down with the second round cancelled due to database corruption. This is heart breaking as Jani Lakanen did me proud as did Vroni Konig-Salmi. Alison O’Neil was also a good buy coming an impressive 7th in her heat. Even worse news though is that they appear to have recalculated the results from the first round pushing me down in to a poor 216th place. I’m sure I’ll get over it faster than Oli will his misfortune.

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