Rude awakening

Back in Denmark again this week but in yet another hotel: Comwell Holte. This proved to be a fairly standard conference venue but has the twin benefits of a) being just 15 minutes drive from the customer and b) having a large forested area known as Rude Skov just over the road.

Through a posting on Nopesport, Mike Yeo pointed me at various snippets of the Rude Skov orienteering map online. For Monday night’s run I hastily drew a sketch map of the route I was intending to take but after only a couple of kilometres I turned off a path too early and it was another half an hour before I rejoined my intended route. On Tuesday I had the cunning plan of copying the maps on to the memory card for my camera. Having given them suitable filenames and converted them to EXIF format I could then zoom in to get a pretty useable map on the camera’s LCD display. Needless to say my map memory was much better and I ended up only referring to them once.

It was only yesterday that, when looking at the links again, I realised that the area was used for the Danish Spring Cup in 2004. Rather embarrassingly, this was on the only year I’ve been to the Spring Cup so I should have recognised the area. Moreover, I must have a map lying about at home somewhere.

There was a power cut just as I was going to bed last night. Having brushed my teeth by the light of my mobile phone I then went to sleep, only to be woken a couple of hours later when the lights came back on again. Doh!

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