Travel chaos?

On Thursday morning I was driving to the customer site with the radio burbling away in Danish when I heard the words “John Reid”. There then followed a statement by the man himself (interesting that the Danes don’t feel the need to translate), detailing the foiled terrorist attacks and the consequent restrictions on hand luggage. Myself and a colleague, working at the same customer, spent much of the next 24 hours pondering how this would impact our journey home today.

Copenhagen Airport turned out to be very quiet with absolutely no queues at security or passport control. I sat and watched the inbound flight arrive, its passengers clutching their clear plastic bags. From where I was seated I could then see the baggage handlers hurling the increased amount of luggage out of the plane. As one or two items missed the conveyor belt and fell to the tarmac, I couldn’t help wondering whether my laptop would have survived the fall.

Fortunately there was no attempt to take our hand luggage off us and, although a women in front of me was asked to taste her bottle of water, the security guard had started a chat when I went past and didn’t seem interested in mine. We had to circle for a while above Heathrow but there is nothing unusual there and the flight landed just 10 minutes late. This then paled in to insignificance compared with the time wasted queuing on the M25 and M3!

So, returning to the UK was fairly painless. The news, however, is full of delays and cancellations for outbound passengers. Fortunately I don’t have to travel again until Tuesday so we’ll see what things are like then. In the meantime I’ll have to find a nice secure padded box for my laptop!

2 Responses to “Travel chaos?”

  1. Neil says:

    Did you find a secure padded box? If so where since I might well need one in the
    near future.


  2. Dave says:

    Fortunately looks like laptops will be allowed back in the cabin from tomorrow. A while ago when I was considering leaving my laptop bag at home and just taking a roll-on the Exped Crush Laptop Bag caught my eye.