All quiet at Terminal 4

Work is taking me to Switzerland this week, flying to Zurich from Terminal 4 at Heathrow. Remarkably it took me just an hour and fifteen minutes to make it from home to past airport security – an hour sweeping up an empty M3, 5 minutes (if that) at self-service check-in and then 10 minutes for security, most of which was spent waiting for them to open the departure area.

Now you’ll appreciate there were some sacrifices in there. I did leave home at 4am and I am taking just hand-luggage (although the bag-drop queue only had about twenty people in it). Fitting everything for 3 days in to a bag 35x45x16cm required throwing out a lot of the usual junk but it was worth the effort as they were being very strict on bag sizes. Let’s just hope the plane isn’t cancelled! Off to find buy some toothpaste now…

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