The good loaf

We have finally retired our Kenwood Rapid Bake breadmaker after many years of frequent use. The bearing in our second replacement bread pan had disintegrated in the same way as the first and the whole machine was making such a racket that it was no longer possible to put it on overnight. After a whole ten minutes research we plumped for the Panasonic SD253 currently retailing for £80 on Amazon (a lot less than the Kenwood cost originally). From the two loaves we’ve had so far I’d rate the Panasonic pretty highly. We have a greater choice of loaf sizes than with the Kenwood and the paddle leaves less of a hole in the bread. Bake times seem to be longer than for the old machine but this isn’t a problem as we can once again leave the machine on overnight. Indeed, it’s so quiet you can sit next to it and barely know that it’s on. Just have to work out why the nut dispenser didn’t drop seeds in to the last loaf…

2 Responses to “The good loaf”

  1. Gerry says:

    My guess is that the Panasonic is so intelligent that it recognised you had loaded the nut dispenser with seeds. Perhaps there is a seed upgrade? Can you get one that slices it and makes the sandwiches? That would be worthwhile.

  2. Dave says:

    I already have an attachment that makes sandwiches thanks! 😉