Back to Bern

147We returned to Bern yesterday and, making the most of a UK public holiday, whiled away a few hours wandering around the old town. As is traditional when visiting any city, we included a trip to the botanic gardens which, although providing a pleasant green space for lunch, were a little past their best. More colourful was the rose garden which, if I was ever more than half awake at the time, I would have realised were on my bus route to and from the customer each day. They also offered good view across the city although, as often seems to be my want, somewhat marred by scaffolding on the cathedral and parliament buildings.

Next stop were the bear pits which were pretty much as the name suggests. Although the bears are no longer expected to perform tricks for the public’s entertainment, they still looked to have a pretty dismal lifestyle.

As we circled back in to the city centre the weather turned against us once more. The public fountains failed to impress in the pouring rain as did the over-hyped animations on the clock tower. At least we were able to truly appreciate the 6km of covered arcades!

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