Planes, trains and blogging

With my usual luck, I received notification from SAS yesterday that I have reached the next tier in their EuroBonus scheme just as I embark on a month long engagement in London. That said, given that I rarely use a check-in desk, the benefits of silver level will be mostly lost on me.

Instead of flying high, I’m joining the rat race for the hour long commute each day from Southampton to Waterloo. This morning we had the pleasure of the company of South-West Trains management. For some reason they didn’t linger long in the buffet car where I was shoe-horned in. It might have had something to do with the passengers forced to sit on the floor.

When I do have space to get out a laptop (and particularly on the odd occasions on the route when my 3G card is working) then I’m actually getting some useful work done. Oh, and writing the occasional blog entry!

2 Responses to “Planes, trains and blogging”

  1. I’ve given up even *trying* to use my 3G card on the Waterloo line 🙁

  2. Andy Piper says:

    I think the reception is getting better. I only get one or two drop-outs on the route from Farnborough to Waterloo now… there’s one patch between Brookwood and Farnborough with no mobile reception of any kind.

    I commented on the wonderful capacity of the trains on my blog. I tend to like to use the journey in and out of London to catch up on feeds and write my first couple of entries of the day, so a seat can be essential. Half the time I sit on the floor with the laptop.