WebSphere ESB 6.0.2

As Adrian notes, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Version 6.0.2 has now been announced for release around the end of the year. As I hinted in an earlier entry , this will include a new mediation primitive to provide integration with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository to enable the dynamic selection of endpoints at runtime. There should also be less need to use WebSphere Integration Developer to make pre-deployment modifications with the ability to alter endpoints and mediation primitive properties administratively.

One particularly welcome piece of functionality is the extension of the JMS bindings to support WebSphere MQ in addition to the default messaging provider. This, along with the WebSphere MQ bindings, means it is possible to connect directly to WebSphere MQ without first going through the service integration bus. This is important given the current complexity of configuring a highly available WebSphere MQ link on the bus. It also fits with a message that I have been trying to give to WebSphere Applications Server customers: only go through the service integration bus to reach WebSphere MQ if it adds value to your solution.

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