Commuter camaraderie

Well, I did find a parking space at the station this morning (just) but getting a space on the train was to prove more difficult. The previous train had broken down at Southampton Central so mine was packed to the rafters. I did just make it in the door but it was standing room only. In the face of such adversity it’s amazing how fellow commuters who must travel together day-in day-out without saying so much as a word to one another, suddenly come alive with jovial conversation. Subject matter ranged from the state of popular TV to eBay experiences and trampolines! Sadly, come the train home this evening, everyone has slipped back in to weary traveller mode with the ability to block out everyone and everything in their vicinity.

One Response to “Commuter camaraderie”

  1. suddenly come alive with jovial conversation.

    How awful! I don’t travel by train to talk to strangers! Were they from out of town or something? Surely they should have realised how inappropriate their behaviour was

    Etiquette standards in Hampshire have dropped since I lived there.

    I despair