Fast, but not that fast

ADSL Max finally arrived in the Currie household yesterday. Currently it appears to have decided that the best we’re going to get is 3 Mbps and a speed test this morning came out at just under 2 Mbps. If I find time over the weekend I may experiment with the BT speed tester service to see if removing the 15m extension cable on which the modem currently sits makes a difference. It could just be that we’re a long way from the exchange though. Still, it’s a lot less painfull than the 3G card I’ve been using all week!

One Response to “Fast, but not that fast”

  1. I have freedom2surf’s ADSL Max offering and experience the same thing. I’m finding that 2Mbbs is an average and 3Mb a joyous aberration

    Worse, in evenings, it can grind to a halt.

    I’m not impressed

    Sadly, I moved house at the same time as changing from 2Mb to MAX so cannot determine whether the fault is my line or the offering.