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Another bumper crop of developerWorks articles this week, particularly in the WebSphere ESB space. Charlie Redlin kicks off an essential new series for anyone looking to take WebSphere Process Server or WebSphere ESB in to production. Charlie heads up the bring-up team that have been providing invaluable intellectual capital around deployment topologies. It is great to see that some of this is now going to make it out in to the public domain. For those at the other end of the scale, just getting started with WebSphere ESB, there is a new introductory tutorial as part of the Hello World series. This looks at creating a simple flow providing protocol conversion from SOAP/HTTP to JMS.

One of the ongoing web service battles is SOAP versus REST (Representational State Transfer). Greg Flurry provides an interesting article showing how to create an “adapter” Java component to invoke a RESTful service from WebSphere ESB or Process Server and how to expose a RESTful interface to an SCA module.

Lastly, Tim Baldwin from the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository development team has an introductory article looking at the EJB APIs to the product. This includes some samples which should provide a good starting point for anyone working in this area.

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  1. […] David Currie (a colleague of mine from the Hursley lab) writes on his blog about a useful set of new developerWorks articles. One of the most interesting of these is the start of a series or articles by Charlie Redlin and Karri Carlson-Neumann, two of the top people from the Rochester bring-up laboratory, describing the deployment patterns for WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere ESB. What these two don’t know about production topologies isn’t worth knowing, so I suggest you keep an eye on the series. […]