Arrived in Salzburg

Joined a long line of IBMers at Gatwick earlier today taking the Thomson Fly direct flight to Salzburg bound for the WebSphere Technical Conference and WebSphere Transaction and Messaging Technical Conference. It made a nice change that there was nowhere for the senior management to upgrade to! I can’t help feeling that the CICS development area will be looking a little empty next week though.

As Chris predicted it was raining when we arrived but the steep-sided mountains, capped with snow, somehow looked all the more impressive with brooding clouds perched on top. Decided to leave the DSLR at home but hopefully I’ll get a chance to take a few snaps later in the week. I should be in for a relatively easy time as I just have two introductory presentations to give (twice each) although I’m on the hook for a third should it’s presenter not arrive in time tomorrow.

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