Sightseeing and SOAP

228I wasn’t due to present until late afternoon today so decided to make the most of the bright sunshine and do a little sightseeing. I repeated my route from Monday morning although this time I had to pay to get in to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. Some of the internal attractions were a bit naff but the audio tour was worth the wait if only to make it out on to the top tower.

It was on the tour that I met my colleague Ben Thompson and, having missed the conference lunch, we indulged in some local wurst on the way back to the hotel. We both went along to the “Meet the Experts: ESB” session where there was a good mix of WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere ESB questions.

230One interesting question related to the relative merits of SOAP/JMS versus SOAP/HTTP. For a one-way request the former has some obvious advantages: the client does not need to wait for the request to reach the service before continuing processing, the request can be included in the client’s transaction, and the messaging system’s reliability can be used to ensure that the request reaches its destination. For a two-way request using a WebSphere JAX-RPC client (which blocks until the response is available) none of these factors are applicable. Even the reliability is not useful as, if the operation times out, the client does not know whether this is because the response just has not arrived yet or whether the request was never sent. If, however, the client is simply using the JMS API, then these benefits may be reinstated.

The day ended with the conference entertainment. The live band were pretty good if a little loud for conversation to continue. Interesting to note the North-South European divide: the former congregated around the free bar whilst the latter were first on to the dance floor. Most of the Brits disappeared early to try and catch the Holland-England game (without much success as Austria were also playing).

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