Presentation and dinner

Many of the presentations at the conference are repeats from our internal services conference earlier this year which means I have some spare time to catch up on other work. One session I did go to today was Eric Herness (Chief Architect for WebSphere Business Integration) presenting the new content in Version 6.0.2 of WebSphere Process Service and ESB. I think it’s safe to say this is a refresh pack with more than a few functional enhancements!

Later on in the day I was presenting an introduction to the default messaging provider in WebSphere Application Server Version 6. I overran by five minutes but the pitch does attempt to go right from the basics through to building scalable topologies and inter-operation with WebSphere MQ. Some good questions afterwards showed there is considerable interest in this component.

The afternoon ended with a session entitled “Meet the Experts: SOA”. For some reason I ended up on the panel of experts but fortunately there were plenty of my more eminent colleagues to fend the questions posed by the audience.

In the evening a group of 14 or so of my services colleagues from Hursley went out to dinner in the town. Given the nature of our work it’s not very often that we get to meet up let alone socialise so this made a pleasant change. My lambkotelett were very good too.

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