JMS Application Server Facilities

On the basis of a thread of notes I was involved in this week, I was considering a post on the WebSphere Application Server support for JMS providers that don’t implement the Application Server Facilities (ASF) part of the JMS specification. As the name suggests, these facilities cover aspects of integration between a JMS provider and a J2EE application server such as transactionality and message-driven bean support. Paul Titheridge (who works in the service team covering the WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Application Server JMS providers) has done the hard work for me and written a developerWorks article on the subject.

As well as describing the difference between the ASF and non-ASF modes of operation, Paul focuses on the possible performance improvements from switching to the non-ASF mode. What the article doesn’t highlight is the fact that the non-ASF mode enables JMS providers that don’t implement the facilities to be used to deliver messages asynchronously to message-driven beans in WebSphere Application Server.

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