Dibden Street-O

Always a glutton for punishment, I followed up my lunchtime orienteering yesterday with the SOC street event in the evening. This time it was down in Dibden courtesy of Jon Forster. Jon’s innovation (as a maths professor) was that the difference between each lamppost number and the control number on the map was always a multiple of five. This meant you knew when you were in the right (or even the wrong) place.

I was doing my bit for the environment: having forgotten my headtorch I ended up running round with the wind-up torch out the car! This wasn’t ideal as the area is covered in small paths, many through wooded areas. As my route shows, I got horribly confused at times and lost count of how many dead-ends I went up, running around in circles at least once. As you can also see, I only managed 19 of the 27 controls and picked up just one of the three bonus points on offer for visiting controls outside SOC member’s houses.

Post-run drinks were at the nearby Heath Hotel. Christine and I sampled the Brewers Fayre which wasn’t up to much.

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