More from developerWorks

I’ve been catching up on some of the developerWorks articles published in the past week and here are a selection of the best. First up is an up-date to the top Java EE best practices. As the article states, it’s amazing how many customers still aren’t following these simple steps. On the WebSphere ESB front we have the third part in Rachel and Andre’s series on Building an Enterprise Service Bus using WebSphere ESB. This looks at using SOAP/HTTP bindings, property promotion and administrative modification of endpoint addresses. Greg Flurry goes one step further in his article, covering the new dynamic endpoint capability in WebSphere ESB V6.0.2 including the use of the endpoint lookup primitive in combination with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. This leads me on nicely to a new series which looks at the use of generic objects in Service Registry to group related documents.

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