IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA (or ITCAM for SOA as it is usually referred to) is, as the name suggests, an important part of IBM’s monitoring solution for the SOA, tracking web service requests not only through IBM products such as WebSphere Application Server, DataPower and WebSphere ESB but also into other environments like SAP NetWeaver and JBoss. WebSphere Service Registry and Repository has a number of integration points with ITCAM for SOA, one of which is an Event Handler. This enables situations detected by ITCAM for SOA (such as an excessive response time or message size) to result in the creation, update, or removal, of properties on a WSDL port or SCA export in the registry. You can read a developerWorks article that describes how to configure ITCAM for SOA to monitor a web service running in WebSphere Application Server and update the metadata for the service entry in the registry.

One possible usage is to modify the behaviour of clients depending on the current system status. For example, by using a query to select endpoints which are not currently experiencing response time issues. This isn’t currently possible in WebSphere ESB when using the endpoint lookup primitive due to the internal caching that is performed. Unlike WebSphere Message Broker, the primitive does not currently have any mechanism to invalidate the cache when service definitions are modified.

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