Summer’s on its way

Spring has well and truly sprung and it feels like summer won’t be far behind. The change in the clocks at the weekend and some bright sunshine left me with no excuse not to cycle in to work yesterday. I don’t use those muscles very often and my legs ached after just a few miles. The sun was out again today for the first Tuesday night run of the year. As is tradition, this was from the Royal Oak, Fritham and involved visiting six of the nearby ponds. I’ve decided to post GPX files for these runs but don’t yet have a good way of displaying them. If your running Internet Explorer then you can view it on some MS Virtual Earth imagery and try and spot the ponds! You can always use GPSBabel if you want some other format.

One Response to “Summer’s on its way”

  1. Sam says:

    Looks like quite an interesting route through some nice chunks of forest. Will do my best to attend the next one!