Car seats

One of the last items missing from our baby list was a car seat. We wanted something fairly light which, when it comes to baby paraphernalia, conveniently seems to mean buying the cheapest you can get. The first seat we tried was consequently Mothercare’s bottom of the range model. Much to my horror it turned out that the seat belts on our 2000 Seat Leon are on the short side and were a tight fit. This being one of the smallest seats on offer it didn’t bode well.

The car does have isofix fittings but we didn’t really want to buy a base. We therefore wanted to take a look at the Britax Rock-A-Tot which has an alternative option where the belt passes under the seat. Sadly, Mothercare didn’t have it in stock but they ordered one from their website on our behalf and waved the delivery fee.

It turned up yesterday so we took the store up on their offer to show us how to fit it correctly. Unfortunately it turned out that the alternative fitting wasn’t suitable as the seat belt stalks protrude too far forwards. Luckily the Rock-A-Tot is slightly narrower than the seat we had tried originally and the normal option fits fine with a bit of belt left to spare.

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