With my new selection of glass, I’m in need of something to keep it all in. I don’t want anything too big but would like it to fit the body with 70-300 attached. Consequently I packed everything in to a rucksac and headed in to Southampton to visit a few of the camera shops. London Camera Exchange had a good selection and the final choice was between a small Tamrac backpack and the Lowepro SlingShot 200 AW. Anyway, I had no intention of paying high street prices but to salve my conscience I bought the lens hood I had failed to obtain when getting the lenses. Or at least I thought I had…

When I got home, I discovered that they had given me the EW73B so I went back to exchange it for the ET65B. Only it turns out that this is a significantly larger bit of plastic and I had to fork out another £13 on top of the £20 I had already paid them. That’s daylight robbery! I’m just glad I’m going to save £30 by buying the SlingShot from cameras2u.com instead of them.

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