Upgrade weekend

Finally had a chance to put in place a whole upgrades on this site. First up was WordPress 2.3.2. I then needed to upgrade Gallery2 for the latest version of the WPG2 so that’s now at 2.2.3. The WPG2 plugin now acts a lot more like I’d expect a plugin should. Two minor niggles. Firstly, it adds its own page which appears with all the others on the right. You can rename it but I’d rather like to get rid of it completely! Secondly, it doesn’t work with Gallery URL rewrites. Need to investigate that further but it is mitigated to a certain extent by enabling Lightbox support so you won’t usually get to the image page from a blog post anyway.

Next up was an Ubuntu upgrade to Gutsy Gibbon. The first two times my SSH connection dropped leaving the system hosed. Fortunately I’ve paid for slicehost backups so I could simply restore the server. Typically, the third time when I ran the upgrade under a screen session, the connection stayed up!

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