Running with a buggy

One of the many kind donations we received when Emma was born was a second-hand running buggy – the sort with three massive bicycle-style wheels. Christine has been out with it a couple of times but today was my first run. Despite its size the buggy is very light and manoeuvrable and on a smooth tarmac surface has surprisingly little rolling resistance. I believe the recommended technique is to give the buggy a push and then run after it. Unfortunately I need to try and work out why ours veers to the left slightly. As a consequence I had to run with one hand on the buggy most of the time which doesn’t do your running style much good! My running speed was down a little but the additional effort certainly kept my heart rate up. On even the slightest incline you find yourself up on your toes pushing so you get a good workout.

Emma slept for 55 minutes of the hour we were out!

2 Responses to “Running with a buggy”

  1. Zelah says:

    sometimes the wheels are pumped up more on one side than the other causing it to veer. I have a running buggy which I used when my son was a baby and still use, he is 3 years old and gets out and runs some of the way. I can’t remember how soon after birth you can use it. I have a 5 week old, do you know. Thanks, Zelah

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Zelah – I’ll take a look. As with many things, I believe you’re supposed to wait until they can support their own head. So somewhere around the six month mark.