Emma’s on the move

469Lest I be accused of being the uncaring father I thought this blog was well overdue an update on my favourite (okay – and only) daughter. Emma’s coming up for eight months now and her latest trick is crawling. Having spent a couple of months waggling her bum in the air and shuffling backwards she has now well and truly mastered forward motion. Unfortunately, more often than not, her locomotion is in the direction of the nearest electric cables! She is also now able to switch at ease between sitting, crawling and lying. She demonstrated this the other morning when we woke to the sound of the mobile going round powered by a seated Emma – time to lower the cot base! Then yesterday she positioned herself in front of the TV/Hi-Fi stand and proceeded to remove CDs one by one. In summary – we now have some serious baby proofing to be done around the house. The other mark of Emma’s progress is her teeth. The bottom two came through a while back but, as previously mentioned, her top teeth have been fighting their way through since Christmas. Unfortunately it seems that Emma favours the vampire look as it is the lateral incisors that are coming through first!

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