Street-O Preview

Sadly I’m not going to be around for the next SOC street event to be held in Valley Park this coming Thursday evening (see the SOC website for full details – anyone is welcome!) but this did mean I could help Christine with the planning. The area is fairly constrained due to the large blocks of woodland dividing up the housing so it was largely a case of shuffling around the controls from last year a bit. I think we’ve introduced a few new decision points and I’m still not clear in my own mind what constitutes the best route to collect all the controls. It took me nearly two hours to get round two-thirds of the controls but then I was walking with Emma in the pushchair and we did have to stop at the swings! I’ve measured just one possible route choice on the map (not necessarily the best) and at around eight miles I believe it should be possible to get them all. There’s a challenge for the keen reader if ever there was one!

One Response to “Street-O Preview”

  1. Sam says:

    It would have been possible to get them all, had I not got a little lost in the woods, selected a bad route and been home 7 minutes early….;-)