Console under control

For a long time, I’ve found it intensely irritating that the console view in Rational Application Developer and WebSphere Integration Developer jumps to the front every time there are new entries in the server logs, even if it has been closed. This is particularly annoying in customer demos where it usually appears at the most inopportune moment to show a raft of red stacktrace scrolling past! Needless to say there is a simple fix. Under Run/Debug > Console in the preferences, just uncheck the boxes entitled “Show when program writes to standard error” and/or “Show when program writes to standard out”. You can also change the text colour for standard error if you find all that red a bit disconcerting!

2 Responses to “Console under control”

  1. Excellent. That’s irritated me for ages too. Thanks!

  2. […] to David Currie for pointing out how to disable the focus grabbing ability of the console view in WID (and Eclipse). I’d just like to add that in the property page where you turn off the […]