Snow everywhere

496We were woken at about five this morning by the sound of a snowplough grating along the road outside. This I took to be an indication that the snow we’d watched falling yesterday evening had probably settled. When we eventually crawled out of bed a few hours later we could see that a good couple of inches had fallen in the night and it was still coming down.

I have to say that I was greatly impressed by the operation to keep the roads clear. Admittedly we are adjacent to a major intersection but throughout the day we must have seen a snowplough every five minutes on average. This provided endless amusement for Emma watching out the window. The one pictured here had even been in to clear the car park of our apartment.

Clear roads or not, I wasn’t intending to do any unnecessary driving and we decided just to get the T-bane in to town. Pretty much everything was closed for good Friday and with the snow swirling around, the city centre was largely deserted. We eventually found an open cafe and, after a restorative drink, headed for home again.

After lunch Christine and I took in turns to head out and explore whilst Emma slept. I have to confess a childish delight in stomping through the snow down to the nearby frozen lake where the swans were having a hard time of it and then following the snowy footpaths that meander up and down along the strips of woodland between the houses.

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