Sunshine and snow

499This morning we woke to blue skies over a white landscape. It’s such a shame that we don’t really have the equipment to make the most of it. Some pieces are in the shipping (for example Emma’s carrier) and others (like boots, skis and sledges we just don’t have). We decided that we couldn’t miss out completely on the snowy vistas though and took the ten minute drive up to the ski resort at Tryvann. There’s only so far you can get pushing a buggy in fresh snow though and at minus nine degrees it wasn’t somewhere to hang around too long even in the sunshine. We gave Emma a little play in the snow but without waterproof mitts or booties then there’s a limit to what she can do.

After lunch we decided it was too glorious a day to be sat inside and Emma had to have her afternoon sleep in the buggy whilst we walked down to the waterfront. In contrast to the previous day the pavements were crawling with people. Whilst we were there we bought a 7-day pass each for the transport system. I’ll be commuting in to the city centre on the T-bane next week and it’ll give Christine an excuse to explore further afield. Note that, for some reason, nowhere on the transport network appears to take Visa and having not received a pin number yet for my Norwegian debit card I had to pay cash for the passes.

2 Responses to “Sunshine and snow”

  1. Sree says:

    That looks like a nice down suit. But can you even fit Emma into the car seat with that thick suit??

  2. Dave says:

    Sree – it’s probably just as well that we have a bigger forward facing seat from the car hire company. Although the suit is pretty squashy I’m not sure she would have fitted in the old seat we have back home. We’re a bit worried how well it will stand up when she’s able to play outside though. The local kids all seem to have much tougher looking all-in-ones with a separate fleecy liner.