Web messaging lack of service

Last week I spent a not entirely constructive hour or two with a customer trying to get them started with the web messaging service. This is a component of the Feature Pack for Web 2.0 which provides a bridge between the default messaging provider’s publish/subscribe capabilities and an Ajax (Comet) client. The InfoCenter contains a great quick start guide but it was missing one vital piece of information.

We were seeing the “CWPSB1701E:The Web messaging service is not configured for the following incoming URI” error message which gets a special mention in the troubleshooting section. An indication that something was more seriously wrong was the lack of a “CWPSB1102I: The Web messaging service has started.” message. After much scratching of heads I found a colleague in development who pointed me at APAR PK56881 without which the web messaging service simply doesn’t work on fix pack 13 or 15! Hopefully this post will help someone else (with the aid of Google) make the connection between the error message and this APAR.

My contact in development was also able to confirm that, at the moment, although the server-side supports wildcards in topic names, the Dojo client does not, and neither side currently has support for message selection. When combined with the limited support for JMS message types (text and certain specific objects), this means you are unlikely to be able to simply attach a client to an existing topic.

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