Wet weekend

505It was pretty damp in Oslo over the weekend. We decided to brave the elements all the same and on Saturday morning packed Emma up in the baby carrier and set out for a walk. This started out on the, by now, slushy footpaths around home but as we headed up past Midtstuen the rain turned to snow. We didn’t really have a plan but decided to aim for Frognersetern and get the T-Bane back home.

We were starting to think about heading back when the track we were following started to turn in the wrong direction but just round the next bend we found a footpath signed Frognersetern 1km. Although like most footpaths, it was well marked by painted stripes on the trees, I was still grateful that there were some relatively recent footsteps to tread in as the snow got deeper and deeper the further we climbed. We nearly lost faith at one point where a ski track crossed our path but we eventually pushed on up the hill and emerged at Frognersetern. Emma was starting to get a bit fractious at this point which we suspect probably had something to do with her inability to actually see out the carrier any more as she cheered up immensely once we rolled up the plastic screen.

My luck with trains was still out and, as we arrived at the station, the driver took one look at us and then departed in his empty train! Still, we knew it wouldn’t be long before another one appeared out of the whiteness and fifteen minutes later we were on our way back home.

Having had enough adventure for one weekend, on Sunday we went and feds the ducks in Frognerparken! Even that turned in to a bit of an epic when I misremembered a train station and we ended up walking miles along the waterfront to get back to the city centre.

I’d say that Christine was glad to be heading back to the UK with Emma in order to attend a conference but things didn’t go too well after I dropped her off at the airport on Sunday evening. First, she discovered that you have to check-in your pushchair (although apparently you can pick up a replacement at the desk the other side of security). Second, Emma proceeded to scream for nearly the whole flight to Bristol (one of SAS’ new routes). We’re guessing it must have been ear related as the screaming stopped as soon as they touched down. Looking on the bright side, at least I get a few lie-ins until they return later in the week!

One Response to “Wet weekend”

  1. Petra says:

    Hi Dave & Co.,

    I have just realised today your great blog on the Internet 🙂 Although Petr has just pointed out to me he reads it regularly… Anyway it’s good to hear that you have settled down well in Oslo and it seems like you are having a lot’s of fun. I was wondering the other day how things are working for you over there ??! Well, now I know…. :))

    Just to briefly let you know we are fine, settling down in our Prague flat (not much progress on it as yet) and spending most of the time at Petr’s parents house. Petr managed to be a planner for a regional O event last weekend and at the moment he is trying to wrap up his thesis. I just pray it’ll happen before our baby is born 🙂 We still have about a couple of weeks to go until the due date so we’ll let you know when it all happens!

    You Curries take care and enjoy Norway as much as you can.